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Over the last 5 years I have had a new food awakening.

I began to see how we were all in this together. This planet is our home. We need to treat it the same way we treat our home. We need to treat everyone around us like honored guests. Now more than ever.

 So I reject single use plactic, carry re-useable bags and cups. Small things any of us can do.

And I started shopping at the Farmers Markets around me, buying anything and everything I didn’t recognize or know what to do with...

This has led to a complete lifestyle change and awareness of who grew my food, where it was picked, and how far it traveled to get to me. It is important to me to know where my food comes from.

This body of work is a celebration of my awakening.

Everything in the show is the result of a small scale, local, farmer who grows organic, and saves seeds. I have developed friendships with many of the fine people who grew the beautiful fruits and vegetables.

This show is a tribute, and the result of discovering the connections along the path from the soil to our tables, with amazing people, diverse communities, and vibrant, healthy foods.
I want to encourage a new conversation about food.
I want to help create a more diverse local food environment.
I want to bring awareness to our broken food system.  

I hope to inspire you all to try a new food this week. I am grateful for all of the small scale, organic farmers who grow the produce that sustains us. I am proud to know and love the people who grow our food.

If you don’t know what something is you see, just ask... That was how I found out... Never be afraid to ask a question.
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